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Compensating for a hearing loss can be exhausting. You try harder to engage with the world – but still feel left out and disconnected. At American Hearing + Audiology, we understand your challenges and frustrations, and we can help. We are an independent, patient-centric hearing care practice.
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With 250 years of combined experience, our hearing care professionals at American Hearing + Audiology are fully equipped and committed to helping you live your best life through better hearing. We have 17 hearing centers conveniently located in the Kansas City, Lincoln, and Omaha areas, each offering a compassionate, welcoming environment in a private practice setting. Our audiologists and hearing specialists are ready and available to help you hear better today.


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They went above and beyond in service and caring both for me and my mother. Thanks!
Cameron is very professional and helpful in getting me hearing things I have been missing out on. Highly recommend!
Erik Penaherrera

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are over the counter hearing aids better?

Over the Counter Hearing Aids

You may have seen over the counter hearing aids in the news recently as the OTC Hearing Aid Act was signed in to law. The law directs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the sale of hearing devices that can be sold off the shelf without the assistance of a hearing professional. The…

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We help people live better through better hearing in the Kansas City, Lincoln, and Omaha areas. All of our hearing care professionals care deeply about helping you manage your hearing loss, at the absolute best price, so you can live life to the fullest.