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Compensating for a hearing loss can be exhausting. You try harder to engage with the world – but still feel left out and disconnected. At American Hearing + Audiology, we understand your challenges and frustrations, and we can help. We are an independent, patient-centric hearing care practice.
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My experience was excellent. Kristina gave me all my options while letting me make the final decision based on my experience.
Rick Zuzenak
He is patient, kind, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable.

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are over the counter hearing aids better?

Over the Counter Hearing Aids

You may have seen over the counter hearing aids in the news recently as the OTC Hearing Aid Act was signed in to law. The law directs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the sale of hearing devices that can be sold off the shelf without the assistance of a hearing professional. The…

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Fireworks Can Cause Hearing Damage

Barbecues, parades and fireworks are all of part of what makes summer special around here. That great American tradition, fireworks, can cause permanent hearing damage. We say damage, because that’s exactly what happens to the tiny cells in our inner ears when exposed to loud noises. We have a finite number of cells in our…

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