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Everyone in the office are extremely nice and helpful.
Anita Mehaffey
My experience was outstanding! Staff was amazingly helpful! I would highly recommend them to everyone! I was treated with respect.
Karen Miller
He has taken his time to answer all my questions and I know he is always close by for any of my other needs, like batteries, etc.
Jeannie Sisson
Wayne, the tech there is so easy going. I felt completely at ease the first time I went there.
Maggie Landis
Dr. Angela made it quick, easy, and painless. It was also super affordable.
Dustin Geier
He was able to quickly determine what was wrong and customize the hearing devices. American Hearing has changed our lives for the better.
Matt is great to work with. Always taking care of my hearing needs. Goes above and beyond in my opinion and pleasant to work with.
Rob Brenneman
great job. Individual approach to customers. very patient staff. we don’t speak English well enough, but Angela did a lot of work correctly
Philka Z
This is an efficient, well-run, safe office. Appointments were easily made, and I was seen right on schedule.
Dennis O'Leary
This has improved my hearing 100%.
Barbara S.


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