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Takes great care of me Wayne and Shannon are great
Bob Kennedy
The staff at Liberty are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend for all your hearing needs.
Shirley Gard
my experience was a pleasant surprise of friendliness and a comfortable environment. Two thumbs up!!!! Lori Campbell
Gary Campbell
I received my hearing aids from American Hearing and it’s been a wonderful experience!
The people are amazing, super friendly and have a great bedside manner. Can't go wrong!
Evelyn McClellan
So glad to see Wayne Wilson & Shannon (receptionist) back--I missed their GREAT customer service.
Francis Shafer
Dealing with Kevin (The Audiologist) the most pleasant and helpful person I have ever dealt with in all my experiences with hearing aids!
Don Nunn
this place is the best place to buy from they will take care of you and they wont forget you after you buy from them.
Larry Wilson
The entire experience, from booking, to the testing, to the education and education was seamless and easy. Thank you!
Benjamin Brasel
This office is the premier location for hearing health care in Lincoln, the friendly service from Nicole and Robyn is evident of their passion to help people enjoy the sounds they love!
Brent Peterson