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Both were extremely friendly and Linda knew her stuff when it came to hearing aids and hearing loss.
Robert Cordill
Great friendly staff.
IRMA Sandoval
Very pleased with the personnel, service, and product!
A Anthony
We found American Hearing and Audiology in Papillion, which...
Suzie C.
I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by American Hearing and Kristina Cunningham.
Roger Unruh
He is helpful in explaining what was wrong with my hearing aid. I would reccomend. A+++
Nancy Marx
Kristina always takes the time necessary to make sure you're extremely satisfied with your hearing experience.
Mike Powell
What a wonderful gent - wouldn't go anywhere else!
Doni Belau
My wife has been talking about getting hearing aids over the past few years. Working with Ken Wooten was a very pleasant experience.
Jake Bell
She answered all my questions and best of all "I CAN HEAR"..Thanks a million... Angela
Pat Shedd