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Gary Franklin
Kristine, Chelsea, or Becky are all so very helpful and kind. I have never been disappointed with the service here.
Dennis Barden
I really liked how they helped us and how patient they were with him.
Mayra Vazquez
A great place fast friendly service
Patrick Lindholt
Good quality equipment and excellent service. Call first. The last time I was there, all the specialists took the day off.
Mark McIntyre
Very happy with American Hearing and my new hearing aids!
Janet Lane
they really do care about the people they help they are asume
scott yohe
Doc was Awesome and funny as hell....The receptionist is so nice
Max Maxwell
Dr. Linda and staff are so helpful and understanding about hearing loss. Hearing test was used for updates on my hearing aids. I am blessed.
Judy Johnson
I am really happy with the whole experience and I wouldn't refer someone to anyone else!
Dan Vick


See how American Hearing + Audiology has reconnected the world of hearing for their patients.

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