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Very friendly & helpful
Bobbi Martin
He is very professional, knowledgeable and especially helpful and courteous!
Susan Lawhorn
Gary Franklin
She would highly recommend us to everyone. We were very kind and helpful
Minnie Baldridge
Great people, really helped with my hearing aids
PJ Pearson
Excellent staff and service, very helpful and caring. Being able to hear again changed my world.
William Loar
Robyn and Nicole were so kind and helpful, they listened to me, answered my questions, and found the perfect hearing aids for me.
Kathy Harris
She took great care of and with my mom, would recommend to anyone needing a hearing aid. Thank you so very much.
Debbie Venable
The original owner, Janet, gave me excellent service throughout the years. I recently purchased a new pair of hearing aids.
william gorham
Great staff! They know their stuff and do their job very well. Recommended!
John Boone


See how American Hearing + Audiology has reconnected the world of hearing for their patients.

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