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Very comfortable to wear all day. Can adjust volume. Very satisfied.
Nora Smits
I have never been treated and taken care of so well. You two keep up your good work.Thank you for folks like you.
I met with Angie and she was so patient, kind & helpful!I ended up trying two trials.The staff did all the paperwork for me, it was so easy.
Leslie Cahill
Love my new hearing aids and wonderful and helpful staff
Marla Hannah
Randy Youmans was a blessing to find. My husband was so mislead in Liberty and for two years in fact.
Nancy Johnston
Maggie and Christine are simply the best in KC for your Audiology needs!
Samantha Farrell
Great customer service. Ken could not have been more knowledgeable and was such a help to me getting hearing aids. Great place!!
gayle schickel
Leo Dickson provided absolutely superb customer service at their Lee’s Summit location.
John Hawkins
Quick helpful and well done impressions.
Caleb Fankhauser
Dr. Baldridge and Becky were very patient and helpful to be sure I received the proper hearing aids. Thank you!
Helen Fisher


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