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Best technology ever!
Natalie George
Great service, great care, great follow through, great people. I've already recommended them to three of my friends.
Rich Carlson
Kristina was beyond kind and amazing to work with. She loves her work, wants to know you and your story and has answers. I can.
A Cronin
Robert Kirk
I am grateful to hear things again and have great support that they give you after you receive your hearing solution.
Steve Douglas
I am very happy with the service, financing is reasonable, and they are very attentive to my mother (a HUGE deal for me).
Roger Jnn
This location was convenient for me. Sam and Robin were very helpful and I would send all my friends to them.
Sandi Davison
keep occurring to me.Thankfully, my journey brought me to Kristina and all of the professional, courteous people working at American Hearing + Audiology's Mur-Len Road location.
Melissa Black
Dr. Grasse was very knowledgeable and thorough with the testing process.
Bruce Reed
His patience, kindness, sense of humor in dealing with her and overall professionalism was beyond belief. Thank you Sam!!!
Terri Baugh