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Megan was very friendly checking you in. You also got a reminder call of your next appt.Matt made you feel comfortable. I really liked his professionalism...
Cindy England
After calling around to several audiology offices, Robin was so helpful and directed me to a program that my father would benefit from.
Gina Heusel
Helped every step of the way. From the hearing test to the financing of the hearing aids. I will use them for all of my hearing needs.
Ray Mendell
It had been 2 years so was needed for sure!
Shirley Slayton
Excellent professional service and product, fair pricing.
Tony L.
Excellent, friendly service. Quickly addressed my needs with suggestions and received my new device quickly.
Phil Perry
Robyn was very informative on my first visit. She showed me the hearing aids, how to put them in, colors, etc.
Barb Maatsch
Changed my Life! I can hear the birds chirping
Shauna Shepherd
Thank you to Dr. Angela Grasse for helping both myself and my wife to a new world of hearing.We can hear our grandchildren, homilies at church and are able to use the TV without CC.
Terry Brennan
From start to finish the service was above and beyond. They are true professionals and really put your mind at ease.


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