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Randy is very knowledgeable and helpful. Tara is very nice and welcoming. Always have had a good experience there.
Rhonda Elkins
Dr. Margaret Neyman and Christine Caudie are wonderful to work with.
Cynthia M Smith
it is nice to have options clearly explained and no pressure to make a major decision on the spot.
Jerry Erlandson
I had the most wonderful experience with American Hearing. They are kind, organized and so very competent.
Annie Dean
Clean. Attractive and functional decor. Helpful and knowledgeable personnel.
Felix Bleyenberg
Angie Cerny went above and beyond. At first my insurance company wasn't going to cover very much.
Roger Drews
Very attentive to your needs. Great staff.
Keith Van Loo
They are so kind and caring. My father had a question about his hearing aid, and they took the time to answer all of his questions.
donna jordan
I had a very satisfying experience with Dr. Margaret Neyman at the Mission, KS office. My needs were not a normal hearing aid appointment.
Pat Milburn
You always feel that they have time for you and make every effort to help you.
Darrell L


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