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Robyn and Nicole were outstanding and exceeded all my expectations! They are very professional and caring duo to work with.
Peg Rezach
She provides caring follow up visits for cleaning adjustments etc. She takes pride in her work and truly likes to help people.
John Marsh
Very patient and friendly
Robin Britting
I think Kevin Sadler is a great rep for American Hearing
Basil Porter
The entire experience, from booking, to the testing, to the education and education was seamless and easy. Thank you!
Benjamin Brasel
Customer Service is very personable and efficient. Thank you.
Pam Kennedy
The staff at American Hearing in Blue Springs go the extra mile to make sure you have the best hearing care available.
wayne morey
Excellent service! Additionally, Becky was a great help in getting the paperwork completed in advance.
D Robbins
Dr. Angela was amazing. She took her time explaining things and testing my hearing. Afterwards, she went over the results with me. Thank you!
Rachel InOmaha
It's always a pleasure working with Robyn and Nicole. Courteous and professional while keeping it family and friendly.
John Delisi