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We found a set that came close to what I had and I am extremely satisfied. Cameron and his staff are very helpful.
Kevin Kerekes
Working with older adults for 20+ years has taught me a lot and the most important is to know when you find the best, you tell everybody.
Patrick J. Fischer
Pleasant staff and environment. Hearing test was quick and complete. Overall a good experience
Jim Evans
I love these people
Cynthia Hill
He is very professional, knowledgeable and especially helpful and courteous!
Susan Lawhorn
Great customer service and attentiveness to the customers needs. Dr. Graase and her administrative assistant were amazing!
Dr. LeDonna Griffin
A pleasant, helpful experience. A caring, professional staff that worked with my situation. I recommend using their service.
Donald Johnson
Sam and Robbin are terrif!
Catherine Bohm
Very happy with American Hearing and my new hearing aids!
Janet Lane
Great people, really helped with my hearing aids
PJ Pearson


See how American Hearing + Audiology has reconnected the world of hearing for their patients.

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